ČPP Aréna – Rules for Visitors

1. By purchasing a ticket or a pass, the visitor has agreed to the ČPP Arena visitor´s rules (hereinafter referred to as “Arena”). Claims can only be made before entering the Arena.

2. The visitor of the Arena is obliged to respect the instructions of the organizers, law enforcement services and other persons appointed for this purpose. The organizing service is entitled to take the visitor out of the Arena premises without compensation in the event that the organizers´ instructions or the rules specified in these rules of the Arena aren´t respected.

3. Each visitor is obliged to use the facilities and equipment of the Arena premises in order to prevent damage or other form of deterioration of these assets.

4. Visitors are obliged to maintain, clean and tidy in the areas where they are allowed access.

5. Smoking and open fire are generally prohibited in all Arena premises. The smoking ban also applies to all forms of electronic cigarettes.

6. When entering the Arena and in justified cases visitor is obliged to endure security check(s). These inspections are aimed at adhering to the prohibition of unsuitable objects and minimizing risks at Arena. Refusal of the inspection may lead to entry denial, visitor´s escortion from the Arena premises or confiscation of an unsuitable object.

7. It is not allowed to bring into Arena:

  • any alcohol
  • bottles and containers of all kinds (glass, PET bottles, cans, jars etc.)
  • pressurized objects
  • unworn clothing
  • political and advertising materials (it is possible to bring these materials into the Arena premises only with the prior consent of the operator)
  • glass or glass objects
  • drugs and other toxic and narcotic substances
  • excess baggage
  • weapons of all kinds
  • scissors
  • any kind of recording equipment, data, video and audio, except for mobile phones (exceptions are granted by the event organizer)
  • explosive substances
  • flammables
  • bicycles and scooters
  • other dangerous items that could cause damage to health or property, both the Arena, the event organizer or visitors.

8. It is forbidden to enter the premises with animal welfare.

9. Upon the request of the organizer, the visitor is obliged to present a valid ticket or identity card at any time during his / her stay at the Arena when entering and in justified cases (for example, suspecting that the person has been banned from the Arena or in violation of the Visitor Rules). If the visitor fails to present a valid ticket or identity card, he / she will be asked to leave the premises of the Arena and in case of non-compliance he / she will be escorted.

10. The organizer may refuse access to the Arena, in addition to persons who do not have a ticket or refuse to undergo security check(s), also to persons who have been banned by public authorities or organizers of similar events due to their defective behavior at similar events. Access to Arena may also be refused to persons who have been banned by other professional clubs to enter the stadiums of such professional clubs and to all other persons who pose any security risk to the event being held.

11. The organizing service reserves the right not to allow a visitor under the influence of alcohol, addictive or psychotropic substances, a visitor without a valid ticket and a visitor who has caused disorder and violence at cultural and sporting events organized by the organizing service.

12. The ticket entitles the visitor to watch events in the Arena only from the sector indicated on the ticket.

13. It is strictly forbidden to throw any objects on the ice or production area or the auditorium, both during sporting events and other sporting and social events, as well as outside events.

14. The visitor acknowledges that the club is authorized to process its personal data even without its explicit consent, if necessary to protect the rights and legally protected interests of the club, in order to ensure the safety of persons and protect property at ice rinks stadiums to persons who commit violations of visitors´ rules or other unlawful conduct in ice stadiums or similar facilities. The club is authorized to process the personal data of persons who have committed a violation of the visitors´ rules or other unlawful conduct at the ice rink in the following extent: name, surname, date of birth, address of residence, ID number, photos phonograms, a description of the conduct considered to be in violation of the Rules of Visit or illegal for any other reason, and details of the measures taken and the penalties imposed. This personal data may be passed on for the same purpose to third parties, the association of professional ice hockey clubs and other clubs, as other administrators.

15. The visitor acknowledges that the whole building of the Arena with its adjacent areas is monitored by industrial cameras.

16. It is forbidden to take photographs and film in the Arena premises for advertising, political, journalistic, commercial or other similar purposes without the prior consent of the operator and granting accreditation for this purpose.

17. The visitor expressly agrees that official photographs, films or video recordings capturing him / her during or in connection with the event by any technical method may be evaluated without compensation to the visitors without time or spatial restriction.

18. The visitor agrees that photographs, films or video recordings with his / her person can be transmitted by internal projection in the Arena without any claim for compensation.

19. The visitor agrees that all forms of recording (photographs, video recordings, etc.) made with his / her person may be provided by the organizer to the Police of the Czech Republic.

20. The masking of the face is prohibited throughout the Arena premises.

21. It is the duty of the visitor to hand over the found objects in the Arena premises to the gatehouse or organizing service, which will ensure their storage and later handover to the owner.

22. Any visitor is obliged to report the detected defects on the Arena equipment, endangering the safety of visitors and users, immediately to the service / operating operator/ the organizer or the service at the gatehouse.

23. The visitor acknowledges that he / she participates in the Arena events at his / her own risk. The organizer is not responsible for any damage caused to the visitor during a cultural or sporting event (eg hitting a puck during a hockey match).

24. All visitors are strictly forbidden from entering the ice rink, players /referees lockers, players benches, penalty benches or other areas reserved for delegates and representatives of the competition authority before, during and after the event.

25. In the case of injury, the visitor must report this injury to the nearest organizer, who will arrange treatment or call for medical assistance at the first aid center or from the reception.

26. The Operator of the Arena is not liable for damages or injuries caused by carelessness or non-observance of the Visitors Rules as well as instructions of responsible employees and all damages caused by inappropriate behavior of visitors.

27. Any derogatory, abusive, offensive, provoking, mocking or humiliating sign, gesture, shout or other unsportsmanlike conduct towards players, officials, referees, team members or any other person is prohibited. Any speech that defames a nation, race or ethnic group, or an individual or group of persons for their actual or suspected race, ethnic group, nationality, political belief, religion or sexual orientation is also prohibited.

28. In the event that a club is ordered to play a match without the presence of spectators, either at the whole stadium or in a certain part of it, or in case of the penalty of closing the stadium for a match, the visitors may be asked to leave that location and sector. The visitor then has the opportunity to use free seats in the Arena and in the case of a sold out hall will be asked to leave the Arena. There is no entitlement to a refund of a paid ticket or part of a season ticket.

29. At the end of the men´s A-Team match, children and youth under 15 years of age may be allowed to enter the outside of the ice rink and, where appropriate, the bench to thank the players. Access will be granted from sectors S and N, while visitors are not allowed to climb the ice rink and enter the ice rink. During this stay in the area near the ice rink, visitors are obliged to pay extra attention and consideration to other visitors. Accompanying persons have a duty of supervision and are responsible for the conduct of their accompanied persons in that area. The organizing service is entitled to restrict or cancel the access to the ice rink at any time.

30. In the event of failure to comply with the provisions of these Visitor Rules or any other serious offense endangering the safety of persons in the facility, the visitor will be expelled of the Arena premises without compensation. The visitor may not be allowed to enter any other events organized by the organizer within the city of Hradec Králové.

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Published on September 16, 2018 and updated on July 31, 2019 by Mountfield HK, a.s.