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so 1.2.2020 | Adam Kodet

Information about the CHL Finals for the Frölunda fans

The endless waiting for the 2020 CHL Finals is slowly coming to its end. Only three days left for the clash between two best European teams, which have made it all the way to the one last game of the 2019/20 CHL season. Everything you need to know about the organization of the CHL Finals, taking place in the ČPP Arena in Hradec Králové, you’ll find in this article.

For everyone who didn’t manage to get a ticket for one of the biggest ice hockey events of the year, there will be a big screen just in front of the ČPP Arena broadcasting the final game live. There will be also refreshment and fun zones right beside the screen for the fans, who were not lucky enough to get a ticket. We would like to request all the fans, even the visiting fans, not to park their cars besides the Stadion hotel, in order to secure a smooth organization of the broadcasting. The screening is of course free for all the participants.

All the fans are welcomed to attend the teams’ morning practice sessions. The fans have to use the VIP entrance to attend these sessions, this entrance is located at the other side of the Arena, by the river Orlice. All the fans are prohibited to enter the facilities or locker rooms during the practice sessions. Mountfield HK’s session is scheduled from 10am to 11am, Frölunda hits the ice from 11:15 am to 12am. After that, all the fans are obliged to leave the stadium right after the sessions, using the VIP entrance. The entry is free.

The fans can use the parking place by the university

The public parking place is available by the University of Hradec Králové, located in the Hradecká street, within walking distance from the ČPP Arena. You can reach the stadium by either setting out to the Hradecká street, passing the scientific library, or going through the university campus and walking across the bridge crossing the river Orlice. You cannot park your car on the parking place until 5:15 pm. You have to leave the parking place right after the game.

You can also use the parking house right across the stadium; however, this place is not free of charge. Additionally, you can park your vehicles on the nearest parking areas, including a big P+R parking place beside the „Na Flošně“ swimming pool. The club takes the liberty to recommend the fans to park at these designated areas only, in order to prevent themselves from getting parking tickets.

The gates of the ČPP Arena are opening 90 minutes before the game, at 5:15 pm. There are several side events taking place right inside the stadium, the game itself starts at 7:45pm.

Dear fans, arrive on time!

We want to remind there will be thorough security checks by the entrance of the Arena, so arrive ahead of time in order to avoid long waiting times in lines. The visiting fans will have their own designated entrance. The fans under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic drugs will not be allowed to enter the stadium. The fans are also restricted to carry any weapons, pyrotechnics or any other potentially dangerous items.

The whole ČPP Arena is under the surveillance of the security cameras. The surveillance cameras footage can be used to prove any damage incurred by the fans inside the stadium. The possible offenders will be dealt with right on spot. The fans must observe the Rules for Visitors under any circumstances.

ČPP Arena has limited capacity in case of the space for the disabled persons (approx. 6 places). The spaces are located on the ramp between the „H“ and „J“ sectors (see the stadium map).

Tips for transportation

The ČPP Arena is located in the City Centre of Hradec Králové so there is an easy access to hotels, restaurants etc. The Great Square (Velké Náměstí) is only few steps away. Also, there is a fan shop and hotel located right inside the arena.

If you are arriving to Prague, the capital, by plane, there are several buses and trains you can take to Hradec Králové. Buses from the Main Station (Hlavní nádraží), Florenc or Černý Most come straight to Hradec Králové. All of these stations are accessible in the city tube system as well. Also, there is a train coming from the Main Station directly to Hradec Králové.

Public transport: ČPP Aréna is located approximately a 20 minutes walk far from the station. The easiest, as well as the fastest connection from the Main Station Hradec Králové are buses No. 2 and No. 16. Both are directly coming to arena stop, which is called "Zimní stadion" and which is located right in front of the practice arena. The main one (ČPP Aréna) is located right behind this one.

A special offer by the official Mountfield HK fan shop

The official Mountfield HK fan shop has prepared a special offer for the fans! Limited edition of the game pucks and scarfs with the motives of the CHL finals! Don’t miss the opportunity to get a very special and unique souvenir of the final game! The fan shop will be open for the fans during the game, both the shop at the corner of the Stadion hotel outside the arena, and the stand right inside the stadium.